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PU Leather Introduction


In general, there are different types of PU Leather:

  1. Rubber or emulsion mixed with leather fibres, cloth, or paper fibres.  Processed through dehydration, combination, and pressing. High-end PU Leather may use nanotechnology to process.
  2. Polyester
  3. Synthetic rubber
  4. Processed natural plant fibres or resin are mixed with rubber, nitrocellulose cotton fiber protein to dissolve the polyurethane:  The result is a 20% composite of natural leather characteristics.


Please note the following information, to prevent causing further damage to your product during the cleaning process:

  1. If the product has stains, you may lightly rub the area with an eraser or promyelocytic mastic, with water or makeup remover oil, or with 1:99 ratio bleach water
  2. It is highly recommend to use 100% cotton cloth with clean surface in order to prevent damage caused by cleaning
  3. Above mentioned process should be tested at unobvious area first. Please stop the process if fading occurs.
  4. Please perform cleaning procedures immediately, as it may be difficult to remove as time passes.


Daily usage protection information:

  • Dust bag and non-woven bag are included with the bag. Simply store the bag in the dust bag and/or non-woven bag during non-use period.
  • The dust bag is effortless to carry, you may protect the bag during work or lunch hours.
  • Protect the bags as much as possible in public areas, to avoid unnecessary damage.





Smoothen Zipper


A stuck or hard to close zipper can be smoothen by rubbing either of these stuff at both sides of the zipper:

  1. Candle
  2. Bar soap
  3. Petroleum Jelly






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